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Laura Hartley is an author of Christian Fiction. Her stories aim to ​portray the life of a Christian outside the walls of the church. She ​loves quirky characters with penchant for movie quotes, humor and ​always a bit of romance to bring light into the heavy realities they ​may face. She lives in Katy, Tx with her husband, three kids and a ​dog named Jim Howlpert. Her favorite place to write is on the patio ​of a restaurant or coffee shop, or any outdoor public space, while ​listening to Explosions in the Sky.

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The setting is delightful, ​and the characters ​become like family. I ​loved re-reading this for ​a 2nd time, and can't ​wait to see where the ​story continues in Book ​2! Highly recommend ​this sweet romance and ​beautiful display how ​our mighty God loves ​us!

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Hartley weaves a tale of ​heartbreak and healing through ​the power of family, God’s grace, ​and love. She does an amazing ​job of setting the scene so you ​feel you are at the marina or any ​other place at the lake. She ​masterfully shows how God can ​work in so many ways, and it’s not ​until we put the pieces together ​that we see it! Can’t wait to read ​more from Laura Hartley!!

The setting and storytelling ​are lovely. I loved every ​minute of this book. She ​paints a beautiful picture ​of the way life really is with ​all its ups and downs. She’s ​not afraid to deal with ​hard topics and does a ​masterful job showing the ​Spirit work of heart change ​and relationship with God. ​Beautifully done! I can’t ​wait for more from this ​author!

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